Frequently asked questions

How does the Reflect process work?

After purchasing your Reflect memorial you will receive a Reflect kit in the mail containing a capsule to collect a bit of your loved ones symbolic remains. Once we receive your capsule, it will be integrated into the Shooting Star spacecraft and you will recive conformation. After this you will recive monthly updates on the progress of your memorial and also advice from professionals on how to better navigate the mourning process. When the spacecraft is about to launch you will recive information on how to watch the launch live.

What can be included in the capsules to go to space?

Currently Reflect only allows for the remains of loved ones to be placed in capsules. This means that either ashes or locks of hair can be included in the capsule sample.

When will the next launch be?

The next shooting star memorial mission named "Aquarius" will launch in Q1 of 2023.

Does Reflect create space debris?

While Reflect is launching Shooting Star Satellites in to space, they are purposfully built to not cause space debris. After the mission is over the satellites turn into shooting stars and will not cause any debris.

What happens if the launch does not happen sucesfully?

While most launches happen sucessfully there is a chance that the launch may incure problems. Reflect collects enough remains in the Reflect Kit capsule sample to be able to launch again without having to gater another sample.

How long will the capsules be in space before they become a shooting star?

There is no exact amount of time that the capsules will be in space. This will depend on the mission itself, the release of the capsules, and the preformance of the rocket. This can be 10 months to a few years in orbit.

How long will it take to recive the Reflect Kit?

Depending on order volume it should take 2-3 weeks to recive your Reflect Kit.

Can I track the Reflect spacecraft while it is orbiting the earth?

Yes. Using a website link which we will provide, you can view the location of any of the orbiting Reflect memorial spacecraft in real-time. You will be able to see exactly where your loved one is over and looking down upon in the heavens above.