REFLECT on the loss of a loved one 

Make them a shooting star in the night sky 

Now for pets too!


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Shooting Star Memorial

Space Burials are the new unique, memorable way to celebrate the life of those we love. We send the remains of yourself or a loved one into space where it will orbit the earth for 1 month to eventually end their journey as a shooting star. While in space you will be able to track your loved ones to see where they are gazing down upon you from the heavens above. 

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Shooting Star Memorial 


Order now to secure your spot on the next launch of the Reflect Shooting Star memorial. Space is limited and slots fill up quickly. The shooting star memorial mission "Aquarius" will launch in Q1 of 2023. Once an order is placed you will receive a Reflect Kit where a bit of the remains will be placed in the capsule and sent back to us. Regular updates will be sent out. Orders will stay open until all slots are filled. 

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Hi all I'm Michael. My journey with Reflect started quite a few years ago when I lost my grandfather with whom I was very close to. When it came to his funeral, all of the services provided were focused on looking down and feeling sad. This felt like the antithesis of every happy loving moment I had spent with him. This impacted me for years as I had a desire to find a better way to memorialize a loved one who was so special. To me the answer was clear, I was driven to start Reflect to help the millions of other people who mourn the loss of a loved one every year. Our team at Reflect is focused on providing innovative memorials to help you better remember your lost loved ones. Let me leave you all with a question. Why do we look at the ground and cry when we can look at the sky in profound reflection?

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